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The Reed Procedure ® : A Permanent Surgical Migraine Treatment

The founding physicians at Reed Migraine Centers have been treating patients with chronic migraines for more than 25 years. Invented by Dr. Kenneth Reed, the Reed Procedure ® is a revolutionary permanent surgical treatment for patients suffering from severe head pain. Over the years, Dr. Reed’s work has earned notoriety among patients, the healthcare industry, and in the news.

In the News

The Reed Procedure featured in the news.

Click the link below to see a collection of videos in which Dr. Reed and Reed Migraine Centers are featured.

Reed Migraine Centers’ media library includes patient testimonial videos, footage from television shows, news reports, surgical migraine procedure footage, schematics, and much more. Anyone interested in learning more about this patented procedure is encouraged to view the media on our site. If questions still remain unanswered, we also encourage users to attend one of our free live webinars with a patient care specialist, who can answer any patient questions directly or offer suggestions.

Get the Facts

  • Dr. Reed invented the Reed Procedure in 1992
  • Thousands of patients have been successfully treated
  • Documented 80-90% Success Rate
  • Most Experienced Neurostim Implant Specialists
  • Watch what patients are saying


Learn more about the Reed migraine procedure treatment options, and find out if the Reed Procedure is right for you.