Dr. Reed’s Migraine Research

The Reed Procedure®: A Potentially Permanent Surgical Migraine Treatment

Dedicated to helping patients achieve a better quality of life, Dr. Reed and the partner physicians at Reed Migraine Centers continue to engage in pioneering migraine research in their quest for effective, safe treatment of debilitating migraine headaches. No one is more experienced at doing the Reed Procedure® than the physicians at Reed Migraine Centers, where hundreds of patients have finally found relief from migraines and are free to enjoy life again. The migraine research done by Dr. Reed has allowed patients who successfully underwent the Reed Procedure® to drastically reduce, if not remove completely, the need to take medication to control their headache pain. Dr. Reed’s migraine research began in 1992, and it continues today, over 25 years later.

Below are research reports published by Dr. Reed and his partners at Reed Migraine Centers. Click on the migraine research paper title to view or download the complete paper.

Kenneth Reed, M.D. Migraine Research - Inventor of the Reed Procedure, Omega Procedure, and the 4-Lead Procedure for Migraine Treatment


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