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About Reed Migraine Treatment Centers

Reed Migraine Centers is the only network in the world where internationally-recognized pain management experts work together to provide direct patient access to the Reed Procedure ®, a peripheral nerve stimulation procedure for migraine relief, pioneered by Kenneth Reed, M.D.

About Reed Migraine Centers: Kelly Will, M.D., Kenneth Reed, M.D., and Robert Bulger, M.D. - Founders and Inventors of the Reed Procedure, Omega Procedure, and the 4-Lead Procedure

In 1999, Dr. Reed and his associate published their original paper on Occipital Nerve Stimulation, a report which introduced this innovative, new treatment methodology and radically changed the landscape of headache medicine.

Improving on the technique in 2009, Dr. Reed published his landmark paper on “Combined Supraorbital and Occipital Nerve Stimulation,” a report which the International Headache Foundation recognized with the prestigious “Cephalalgia Award,” as the best original contribution of the year. In addition, this award provided Dr. Reed further notoriety, as the only practicing physician to have ever earned this honor – in the history of the award.

Dr. Reed has since performed his procedure on hundreds of patients throughout the U.S., as well as internationally. Along with his partner physicians from across the country, Dr. Reed has literally changed the lives of hundreds of individuals – their lives restored since their headaches have been eliminated or dramatically reduced.

Today, Dr. Reed maintains one singular focus: to help patients suffering from severe and debilitating chronic head pain, who have not responded to other, more conservative treatments. Reed Migraine knows of no other physician or institution in the world with more experience.