There is an app available to track migraine pain. Although Migraine Awareness Month has come to an end, we want migraine sufferers to be aware of any tips, tricks, or tools that can help them find relief from chronic migraine pain year-round. Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to the Ubiqi Migraine Tracker.

With the Ubiqi Migraine Tracker free mobile app, to track migraine pain has never been easier. You can monitor details about your migraines, allowing you to notice your migraine patterns and determine what treatments are right for you.

For example, if you suffer from migraines on a weekly basis, you may not always be able to recall the exact details of each episode. You probably often ask yourself “What time did my pain start?” or “What was I doing that triggered the pain?”

The app also allows you to log the time and duration of your migraine, rate your pain on a scale of one to 10, track the kinds of treatments you used, and what you think triggered it. For each category, the app gives you common answers to choose from. Or, if the answers provided are not relevant to your migraine symptoms, you have the option to create your own. There’s also a notes section where you can jot down any other aspect of your migraine.

Once you track migraine pain, it’s automatically entered into your personal feed, which you can access at any time to review your episodes chronologically or sort them by trigger or treatments. This helps you to identify connections between your pain and the cause of the migraine. Additionally, you can compile reports from your tracker and bring them with you to a seminar or your patient evaluation. This will allow Dr. Reed or a partner physician to better understand your condition and history of migraines.

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Ubiqi Andriod App to track migraine pain


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