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The Reed Procedure ® : A Permanent Surgical Migraine Treatment

Patient Success Stories

Reed Migraine Centers has treated thousands of patients with the revolutionary pain management procedure called the Reed Procedure ®, also known as the 4-Lead Procedure. Reed Migraine Centers has the most experienced procedure patients in the world. Watch some of Reed Migraine Centers’ patient success stories to learn how this procedure helped their head pain and restored their lives.

Dr. Reed Videos

Dr. Ken Reed answers the most frequently asked questions about the Reed Procedure ®. He explains more about the trial stimulator, the permanent stimulator, and what can be expected during the entire migraine treatment process at Reed Migraine Centers.
Dr. Reed and former Reed Migraine Centeres patient on The Doctors show

On The Doctors

Dr. Ken Reed and former patients of Reed Migraine Centers have been featured as guests on two separate episodes of The Doctors show. Watch Dr. Travis Stork interview Dr. Reed about the Reed Procedure ® and the patients about how the procedure has helped them control their migraines.
Dr. Reed discussing the Reed Procedure on Good Morning Texas

In the News

Dr. Ken Reed has been treating patients with the Reed Procedure ® for more than 25 years. Helping people with severe head pain has been the cornerstone of his life’s work, and over the years, he has gained notoriety not only among patients and peers but also in the news