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Video FAQs

Below are a series of video FAQs in which Dr. Reed, founder and inventor of the The Reed Procedure ®, The Omega Procedure, and the 4-Lead Procedure, answers many questions regarding migraine treatment done at Reed Migraine Centers. If you have other questions, please contact a patient coordinator directly at 214-550-8607 or 972-707-2800.

Some Excerpts from the Video FAQs

“This period of test stimulation shows the patient exactly what a permanent stimulator feels like.”

“The difference between the test and permanent stimulator is the permanent stimulator has the battery under the skin and the test has it on top.”

“With a test stimulator, we actually implant a temporary unit, which looks like an IV tube going under the skin. We leave it in for three days and the patient sees if it stops the pain.”

“People who are candidates for this suffer from severe headaches and have been through other courses of treatment they are not responding to or they are not responding well to high doses of medication.”

“An implantable neurostimulator is an implantable unit that goes under the skin–in this case for the control of pain particularly for migraine headaches. People can think of this as an analogy for the pace maker of the heart in which a little battery is placed under the skin.”

“We treat a lot of different diagnostic categories, and I want to emphasize that a patient shouldn’t worry so much about whether their diagnosis works or not; they all do. In particular, we are looking for patients with sever headaches, whether it is severe tension headaches or migraines. This can work any of them.”