The Omega Procedure is only another trademark name for the Reed Procedure. Reed Migraine Centers has the most experienced procedure physicians, some of whom also invented the procedure.

Agreeing to the following statements could indicate that you are a good candidate for the Omega Procedure for migraine headaches:

  • I suffer from severe headaches and have exhausted all other treatments and medications that have not responded adequately.
  • I endure severe, frequent headaches, occurring several times a week. I have daily, continuous head pain that keeps me from functioning through daily activities such as attending school or work.
  • I would describe my head pain as a ‘knife going through the eye’ followed by escalating pain with additional symptoms including nausea and vomiting.
  • Before a headache occurs, I experience an aura, where I have an unusual feeling, sense of smell, and/or begin to see little flashing lights in front of my eyes, which heralds a headache.

Additionally, the Reed Procedure is recommended for patients who have frequent, severe headaches that have not responded to other treatments. We generally ask that two criteria be met:

  • You have 2 or more severe headaches a week
  • You have tried at least 3 months of medical management (headache medications) and nothing is working.

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Are you an Omega Procedure Candidate?


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