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Patient Ambassador Outreach

Since our CEO, Dr. Ken Reed, invented the Reed Procedure® in 1992, thousands of patients around the world, all suffering from different forms of chronic head pain, have undergone our procedure with results that most consider life-changing. And we’ve been honored to work with each one, all of whom have endured relentless physical and emotional pain for many years.

The physical pain of their diagnosis has been nothing short of devastating – crippling and life-changing. Yet their emotional pain has been no less severe, in that many have repeatedly been criticized by friends, family, work peers, and even their physicians, who’ve said their pain “isn’t real”, is “only a headache”, or is “all in their head”. They are considered survivors by many. We regard them as warriors. And we’ve been inspired by their stories of endurance, as we believe you will as well. It’s with this goal in mind that we’ve created the Patient Ambassador Outreach program.

Though we at Reed Migraine Centers are happy to share information on our process and assist with questions, we also recognize the value of speaking with someone who truly identifies with your suffering and what you’ve had to sacrifice as a result, because they’ve endured a similar path. With this in mind, we’re hopeful that our Patient Ambassador Outreach program will be helpful to you.

Many prior patients of Reed Migraine Centers are featured below. Each one has experienced a dramatic and/or life-changing result with our procedure and is committed to helping others who also are looking for relief from long-term, debilitating pain. If you or a loved one are considering the Reed Procedure® as a long-term solution to your chronic head pain, we invite you to reach out to these ambassadors – both the patients and their parents. Each has provided basic information on their (or their child’s) medical biography and a unique email address where they can be contacted. They’ve volunteered their time to share their own experiences with the Reed Procedure® or help in any other way. And we are so very thankful for their immeasurable support.

Patient Ambassador - Audra


Age: 44

Diagnoses: Menstrual and chronic migraines; nausea; muscle fatigue

Onset: 15 years old

My Story: At age 15, I had menstrual migraines beginning 3 days prior to my cycle. At age 20, I was diagnosed with "walking migraines". My migraine pain was at times debilitating; headache pain, muscle fatigue, and nausea daily.

Permanent placed: July 2019

Patient Ambassador - Katelyn


Age: 23

Diagnoses: Chronic migraines; tension headaches; nausea; emesis; blurry/spotty vision

Onset: 11 years old

My Story: My migraine diagnosis changed from unspecified to chronic when I was 18 due to arthritic changes in my C2/C3. I had tried several medications and saw multiple doctors.

Permanent placed: April 2019

Patient Ambassador - Joy


Age: 47

Diagnoses: Chronic migraines; nausea; sharp pain prior to the start of the migraine

Onset: 6 years old

My Story: My migraines lasted for 38 years.

Permanent placed: January 2018

Patient Ambassador - Jennifer


Age: 44

Diagnoses: Atypical migraines; loss of vision in my right eye for months; nausea; emesis; memory lapse

Onset: 7 years old

My Story: My migraines lasted for 36 years.

Permanent placed: September 2020

Patient Ambassador - Matthew


Age: 51

Diagnoses: Chronic migraines; vertigo; nausea; sensitivities to light, temperature, noise, and smells; loss of appetite

Onset: 36 years old

My Story: My migraines lasted for 13 years.

Permanent placed: December 2019

Patient Ambassador - Vicki


Age: 56

Diagnoses: Chronic migraines

Onset: 30 years old

My Story: I started out with a few migraines a month, but they progressed to almost daily.

Permanent placed: 2019

Reed Migraine patient - Destini


Age: 23

Diagnoses: Chiari malformation; chronic migraines; daily persistent headaches; sensitivity to smell/sound/temp; main onset was stress

Onset: 13 years old

My Story: My migraines started at age 13 and I experienced them daily for two years.

Permanent placed: March 2014

Reed Migraine patient - Cassidy


Age: 34

Diagnoses: Chronic migraine with neural involvement; nausea; tingling in my face; loss of speech and motor function; dizziness

Onset: 20 years old

My Story: My migraines lasted for thirteen years.

Permanent placed: June 2020

Reed Migraine patient - Lacy


Age: 45

Diagnoses: Migraines with aura; nausea; emesis; intense pain; fatigue

Onset: 35 years old

Permanent placed: July 2019

Reed Migraine patient - Mike


Age: 60

Diagnoses: Occipital neuralgia

Onset: 9 years old

Permanent placed: December 2019

Reed Migraine patient - Leah


Age: 36

Diagnoses: Chronic migraines; fibromyalgia

Onset: 6 years old

My Story: I suffered from migraine pain my entire life, but they became chronic at age 14.

Permanent placed: June 2017

Reed Migraine patient - Whitney


Age: 39

Diagnoses: Migraines causing distorted vision in right eye

Onset: In 2nd grade

My Story: My migraines began when I was in second grade and got increasingly worse and debilitating by age thirty.

Permanent placed: July 2019

Reed Migraine Patient - Kay


Age: 60

Diagnoses: Intractable migraine; trigeminal neuralgia

Onset: Childhood

Permanent placed: April 2012

Reed Migraine Patient - Christy G.

Christy G.

Age: 56

Diagnoses: Meniere’s disease; bilateral benign positional vertigo; persistent migraines; headaches

Onset: 20 years old

My Story: I had my first migraine approximately college. I experienced them again with my pregnancies. They worsened after my third pregnancy.

Permanent placed: October 2020

Reed Migraine Patient - Tessa


Age: 46

Diagnoses: Occipital neuralgia, chronic (daily) migraines, herniated disc, nausea

Onset: 40 years old

My Story: My migraines lasted daily for five years.

Permanent placed: January 2020

Reed Migraine Patient - Deborah


Age: 62

Diagnoses: Intractable hemiplegic migraines; episodic right-sided paralysis

Onset: April 2003

My Story: I suffered for 15 years with migraines and had 5 strokes (CVA). My intractable migraine episodes began once every 3 or 4 months, but they increased in frequency over time. By the time I reached out to Dr. Reed, I was having them daily.

Permanent placed: June 2017

Reed Migraine Patient - Michael


Age: 34

Diagnoses: Chronic migraines

Onset: 14 years old

My Story: I suffered from migraines for 5 years. I don't know how they started, but one day they came on and never went away. They increased when I had seizures, and I had thought they were causing the episodes. When I had surgery to stop the seizures, the migraines did not stop. We tried every medication in the book.

Permanent placed: January 2011

Reed Migraine Patient - Laura


Age: 43

Diagnoses: Chronic intractable migraines with and without aura; chronic headaches; occipital neuralgia

Onset: 38 years old

My Story: My migraines started in 2016 as hormonal and progressed to daily headaches and then to daily migraines.

Permanent placed: March 2019

Reed Migraine Patient - Kassie


Age: 28

Diagnoses: Occipital neuralgia; chronic migraine; occasional hemiplegic migraine; aura; nausea; vertigo; loss of vision; limb numbness

Onset: In kindergarten

My Story: My migraines started in kindergarten, but I was diagnosed with chronic migraines at around 14 years of age.

Permanent placed: 2016

Reed Migraine Patient - Jill


Age: 60

Diagnoses: Chronic migraines; nausea

Onset: 10 years old

My Story: My migraines lasted for 49 years.

Permanent placed: January 2019

Parents of Patients

Reed Migraine Patient's Parent - Angela


Child’s Age: 15

Diagnoses: Chiari malformation; chronic migraines; daily persistent headaches; sensitivity to smell/sound/temp; main onset was stress

Onset: 13 years old

Permanent placed: March 2014