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Inventors of the Omega Procedure & Reed Procedure ®

Permanent Migraine Solutions

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Control your headaches.

Restore your life.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Its 85% documented success rate
  • Many report 80-100% migraine relief
  • Medication need is eliminated or greatly reduced
  • Patients return to normal activities
  • No more back and forth to the doctor, ER or hospital
  • Reed Migraine Centers’ specialists literally invented the Reed Procedure and Omega Procedure, and they are the world’s most experienced at implants for migraines
  • Initial consultation complimentary
  • Ability to test the stimulator (to make sure it works) BEFORE the permanent implant


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Other topics in the free live webinar include:

  • What patients are good candidates for the Reed Procedure ®
  • What types of headaches are treated
  • What are the next steps?
  • Insurance questions
Reed Migraine Centers - On-Demand Webinar

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Complete the form to immediately access the Patient Informational On-Demand Webinar. Learn about how Dr. Reed’s team literally invented the Reed Procedure, Omega Procedure, and other peripheral nerve procedures for Chronic Migraine. At the webinar, you will learn how the therapy works, the safety features, and how it’s capable of controlling headaches and restoring lives.