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Free Patient Webinars: Two Options – Live or On-Demand

The Reed Procedure ® : A Permanent Surgical Migraine Solution

Learn about how Dr. Reed’s teams literally invented the current standard neurostimulator surgical procedures for migraine — The Reed Procedure, Omega Procedure, and other Peripheral Nerve Procedures. At the webinar you will learn how the therapy works, how it’s capable of dramatically controlling headaches and restoring lives, and the safety features. Dr. Reed and his partner physicians have now controlled the headaches and restored the lives of hundreds of patients of all age groups over the past 20 years.

During any of our free webinars, Reed Migraine Physician Specialists will discuss the following topics:

  • Dr. Reed’s invention of the Reed Procedure and the Omega Procedure
  • Documented 80-90% success rate
  • Many patients report excellent to near complete migraine relief
  • Eliminates are markedly reduces medication need
  • Restores normal life style
  • Confirmed in over 100 medical research papers
  • RMC’s experience as most (longest) experienced implanters