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Reed Procedure ® : Documented Success for Hemiplegic Migraine

The Reed Procedure ® is now available for those patients suffering from Hemiplegic Migraine. A small surgical implant placed just subcutaneously has been repeatedly documented successful for both the severe pain, as well as for the associated stroke-like symptoms, in this malady.

Joan’s Story : Devastating Hemiplegic Migraine Finally Under Control

Joan’s life was completely devastated by her debilitating Hemiplegic Migraine. She suffered from near-daily incapacitating migraines, accompanied by frequent hemiplegic (stroke-like weakness). Following her Reed Procedure ®, Joan’s life was fully restored. A smile never leaves her face now, as she describes virtually complete relief from both the migraine pain, as well as the severe weakness episodes. She is back in charge of her life, and she definitely lives life to the full. On an office visit several months after her procedure, she was happy to report that she had just returned from a zip-lining trip to Canada. She could never have done that before.

Research on the Reed Procedure ® and Hemiplegic Migraine

And, Joan’s not alone, as we’ve had great success with multiple patients with severe Hemiplegic Migraine, which is documented in our 2015 landmark publication, Concordant Occipital and Supraorbital Neurostimulation for Hemiplegic Migraine: Initial Experience. Most all of the patients describe near complete relief from their migraine pain AND complete relief from their hemiplegia (weakness).

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