The Reed Procedure® In the News

The Reed Procedure®: A Potentially Permanent Surgical Migraine Treatment

The founding physicians at Reed Migraine Centers have been treating patients with chronic migraines for more than 25 years. Invented by Dr. Kenneth Reed, the Reed Procedure® is a revolutionary permanent surgical treatment for patients suffering from severe head pain. Over the years, Dr. Reed’s work has earned notoriety among patients, the healthcare industry, and in the news.

Fox News – Dr. Reed and Kim R. discuss how the Reed Procedure allowed her to return to enjoying outdoor activities and a social life


It has been wonderful. Now for the first time since I was 12 years old, I have control over my headaches, and they don’t have control over me.


– Kim R.

WFAA – Dr. Reed and Kim S. discuss how she was able to return to normal family life after successful Reed Procedure


It’s amazing. It’s life-changing.


– Kim S.

NBC News – Dr. Reed and Jessica describe her successful results after a nerve stimulator implant


I woke up and the back headache was totally gone.


– Jessica

Good Morning Texas – Dr. Reed and Kim R. describe how the Reed Procedure has allowed her to have control of her headaches


It allowed me to have control of my headaches again. Instead of waking up and taking medicine and crawling back in bed and turning the lights off, I am able to get up and turn [the stimulator] up and go about my day.


– Kim R.

Good Morning Texas – Dr. Reed, Stephanie, and Rachel discuss the life-changing results of their Reed Procedure migraine treatments


[My life] has changed dramatically. I can now do things with family and friends. I can take care of my daughter. I can do things with my husband. Dr. Reed has given me my life back.


– Stephanie

Top Docs Dallas-Fort Worth – Dr. Reed and Andrew describe how the results of the Reed Procedure allowed him to return to playing baseball


I don’t care about having the battery and these wires inside of me. I’m just so happy that my migraines have gone away. It’s amazing what Dr. Reed has done.


– Andrew

Top Docs Dallas-Fort Worth – Dr. Reed and Kim R. describe how the Reed Procedure controlled her migraines and allowed her to return to life, including college


I remember waking up with tears in my eyes because the pain was finally gone. I just knew that this neurostimulator was actually working. [Dr. Reed] is a really great doctor. He’s really caring, and he’ll be honest with you whether this is the right avenue or not. He’s really there to help the patients.


– Kim R.

Top Docs Dallas-Fort Worth – Dr. Reed and Michael discuss how an occipital nerve stimulator successfully allowed him to return to a fully normal life


Whoever has migraines out there, take a look into this because this can change your life as it has changed mine. I would drop dead to save [Dr. Reed], because he has saved my life.


– Michael

Top Docs Dallas-Fort Worth – Dr. Reed and Amy how the Reed Procedure successfully controlled her migraines and restored her to normal activities


It’s a life changer. It gives people back their lives. And not just the patient; it gives the family, the friends, everyone around the patient their lives back. You definitely have to come in, talk to Dr. Reed, and see if you are a candidate. If you are, do it.


– Amy

Ask the Doctor – Dr. Reed and Kay describe the excellent control of her migraines after an occipital nerve stimulator implant


It was wonderful. We had a little party in the hospital that night. It has been 13 weeks and three days and we celebrate it every day.


– Kay

Dr. James Galvin Discusses Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Migraine Control on CBS News


For those people who are not responsive to medicines, we can potentially reduce the severity or intensity of migraines by about 70%, reduce the frequency of migraines perhaps by 50%, and, in this study, over 90% of people found [peripheral nerve stimulation] to be effective.


– Dr. James Galvin

WFAA – Dr. Reed and Joan discuss how her hemiplegic migraine pain was successfully controlled by the Reed Procedure


I have my life back. Migraines no longer define me. They don’t dictate what I can and I cannot do during the day. [The Reed Procedure] brought the happy back in my life and in my husband’s life.


– Joan.

Best Docs Network – Dr. Reed and Victoria describe the pain relief provided by the nerve stimulator


Dr. Reed gave me life.


– Victoria